Why This Website?

Sharing Stories and Disseminating Valuable Restoration Resources

The purpose of this website is to showcase successful forestation stories from around the world and inspire people to take restorative action. It is my hope that when people see multiple forestation records in one place they will begin to recognize forestation as the answer to rising global temperatures.

For the short term this site is meant to be a starting point for conversations around forestation and a reference resource for those discussing the topic.

The long term goal of this site is to encourage large scale forestation projects, including restoring previously forested areas, and also the forestation of expanding deserts and wastelands. The Middle East and Sahara Desert are critical examples of large areas that need our attention in the longer term, while smaller forests are a good starting point for the grassroots forestation movement.

Including valuable documents and guides on how to plant, grow, and maintain healthy forests alongside farms, communities, and cities on this website will be an important part of this activity. It's great to have inspiring stories, but it's even better if there is an easily accessible knowledge base for people to reference in order to take action.

Why the Name?

An Inspirational and Attainable Goal

On a global scale the weather crisis can seem insurmountable. If you're not hearing about it monthly, it's likely in the back of your mind at least weekly.

It is for me anyway. To me the scale of the crisis seems overwhelming and I often wonder what I can do about it.  

This is why I chose the word "local". If enough of us take care of and enhance the local forests where we live we can solve the global warming crisis. No single organization or group can achieve this alone, but if we each care for our corner of the world I believe we can reach and even surpass forestation goals.

So if we create enough "local" "forests" we can have a "global" impact. Local Forests Global.

About Me

What Caused Me to Start Local Forests Global

My name is Alex Banman. As a boy I spent a lot of time in nature with my family, taking hikes, canoe trips, stuff like that. I loved and still love to spend time in nature.

Because of strong narratives around environmental damage and global warming shared by my family and society I have a strong sense of awareness about my impact on the planet as a human being. I feel strong sense of responsibility for the environment and how my actions will affect future generations, so I decided to do something to make a difference (hopefully).

I also have a small business doing business branding and graphic design. My experience in graphic design is what has allowed me to create this website, which I am grateful for. I created this website in my free time. If you like, you can support me with a contribution.