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How Will Your Money Be Used?

For every $20 CAD contributed I will spend an hour of my time working on furthering Local Forests Global. Here are the items I have planned, starting from the top down:

Plan and prepare: write initial organization and website content.

Design logo and visual system for Local Forests Global.

Design and code a responsive website.

Create Instagram account and start posting regularly to increase awareness about forestation.

Create an introduction video for Local Forests Global.

Create a presentation PDF that can be downloaded and used in presentations to spread the word about forestation as the answer to global warming.

Create individual presentation PDFs for kids, farmers, entrepreneurs, corporations, communities, cities, and countries.

Add a translate function to this website so people can view it in different languages.

Add 50 links to valuable online forestation content on the Resources page.

Send a Payment Through PayPal

Important — Local Forests Global is not a registered not-for-profit organization. I created this organization with no knowledge about the legalities surrounding donations and the Canadian not-for-profit mostrike. Local Forests Global currently operates as a business organization, which means I will need to include 13% Ontario HST. You will be issued an invoice for your contribution (please make sure to include your email with your contribution so I can send you an invoice).